(919) 969-0931

Fees & Services

  • Most insurance accepted (see FAQ for a full list of accepted insurances) & filed for your convenience
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

Initial Examination and Consultation

Level of examination depends on the nature and extent of the problem, and is subject to the doctors discretion
  • Examination level 1 $60.00
  • Examination level 2 $75.00
  • Examination level 3 $90.00
  • Examination Child $45.00

Chiropractic Adjustment Procedures and Office Visits

  • One to two area adjustments $40.00
  • Three or more area adjustments $50.00
  • Extended office visit (beyond the usual 15 minutes) $15
    • This time additional time can be scheduled to discuss other medical issues other than those being addressed in your current treatment plan. Some examples of this are listed below:
      • Discuss additional health issues
      • Discuss alternative care options for health conditions
      • Exercise or weight loss protocols
      • Review Extensive Medical Records (x-rays, MRI, chart notes)
  • Children birth-12 months: No Charge
  • Children 1-17: $1 for each year of the childs age
  • 18+, please refer to the adult rate
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